Refreshing Recycled Items to Make Bold New Garden Art & Sculptures

Husband and Wife Team Create Unique Garden Art from Recycled and New Metals

Side by Side Booths at the Upcoming Rotary Fine Art in the Park Show in Los Altos

Colored Flower Heart

Marta’s Heart Scuplture

Steve and Marta Farris will be in side-by-side booths at Fine Art in the Park. The garden art and sculptures they create are unique and they each have their own story to tell. 

Steve makes large vases or urn shaped sculptures from strips of steel, sometimes taken from recycled oil tanks but more often, new steel. He gets a lot of his inspiration for shapes from looking at ceramic art, glass blown art, and from vases created out of more fluid materials. Then he tries to create those same shapes out of steel. He always has a goal set but doesn’t need to meet it to be happy with the result.

Most of Steve’s creations end up being outdoor art but they have also been used as indoor art, even end tables or art in the foyer that can be seen from the inside and the outside through the transoms.


Steve’s Steel Vase


Two Pears by Marta

Marta is a new artist at this year’s Fine Art in the Park. She is very inventive in the materials she uses. In addition to working a lot with the same oil tanks that Steve works with, she also uses fireplace curtains – the metal ones that are being replaced by glass doors, and metal posts from political signs. She especially likes to work with recycled farm equipment because the colors are originally vibrant but have been faded in the sun.

2014072514260001-Low Res

Collection of Steel Vases by Steve

Interested largely in primitive folk art, bright solid colors, and farm equipment most of Marta’s creations are used as Garden Art. “People feel more free to be whimsical in what they place outside,” she explains. Plus couples are often willing to allow one member of the partnership to showcase their individual artistic selections outside rather than inside the home.”

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