Heavy Metal art sculpture

Rusty Noodle Studios turns forgotten or ordinary items into sculptures – with humor

Rob Nehring Will Exhibit at Rotary Fine Art in the Park

Rusty Noodle Studios

With a BFA in Inter-arts that included theatre, dance and sculpture, Rob Nehring is the Sole Proprietor of Rusty Noodle Studios. Driven by the definition of sculpture as “something you back into when looking at a painting,” he tries to engage his audience with humor found in the personality of ordinary objects. An accomplished artist, Rob’s sculptures are in galleries and part of private collections throughout the US. The characters featured in Rusty Noodle Studios are created overall from 99% recycled materials. Through found scrap materials, Rob lets the materials dictate what they will become.

Sculptural Forms in Nature

In Rusty’s Own words:  It is impossible not to encounter sculptural forms either in the natural or manmade reality we live in. As we come into the world and first open our eyes we look upon these sculptures with curiosity and excitement. However as time goes by our brains learn to filter out much of what we once held in awe. Our brains fill in what we “see” based on a quick glance and a previous observation from the past. As a sculptural artist my challenge is to remove these filters that our brains have developed and reintroduce elements to allow the viewer to see as a newborn once again.

I search for elegant and simple forms that grace our daily lives but have lost their original purpose. My work focuses on reclaiming and recombining these forgotten items to create one of a kind, original sculpture. My goal with Rusty Noodle Studios is to lighten the heart through subtle humorous suggestions or relatable human moments. With a previous background in dance I work toward a suggestion of movement that perhaps will capture a precise outburst of excitement, reveal challenging awkwardness or instill extreme relaxation.


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